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Nahariya and Surrounding Area

Nahariya is a resort town which was founded in 1934 by German Jewish immigrants and in the 1940s, was a landing spot for illegal immigrant ships.

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Nahariya is located just south of the Lebanese border and is Israel's northernmost coastal city and a popular tourist destination.   The City's main avenue, Sderot Ga'aton, runs east-west and is divided down the middle by the Ga'aton River.   The avenue is shaded by old-growth eucalyptus trees and is lined with numerous shops, open-air cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Beautiful beaches can be found here, along with perfect conditions for sailing and windsurfing.  The waterfront promenade and small marina enjoy a lively nightlife in the multitude of beachfront cafes, bars and nightclubs.

Nahariya is home to some of Israel's leading entrepreneurs and several of Israel's most successful private sector enterprises were founded in Nahariya e.g. Strauss (dairy), Soglowek (meat processing) and Iscar (high precision metalwork and tool making) that was recently purchased by Berkshire Hathaway.   The Tefen Indusrial Park was founded by industrialist Stef Wertheimer and apart from the factories and businesses the park is filled with sculptures and gardens.   It has an art museum, a Museum of German Jewry and an exhibition of vintage cars.

Not far from the city limits is the beach at Akhziv which is part of a National Park.   Once this was an important settlement and station on the ancient coastal road that liked Egypt and Phoenicia.   Jews have lived here since the Second Temple Period and the Crusaders built a castle here.

An interesting site between Nahariya and Ma'alot is Montfort Castle, a fortress built by the French Crusaders.  The Kziv River, beneath the castle is 20 kilometers long.   A number of optional hikes are available.

Another castle in the area is Yehi'am (Judin) Castle which was probably built around the 12th century to guard the road from Acre to Lebanon.

Rosh Hanikra is the northernmost point on the Mediterranean shore of Israel. The sea carved out a chain of grottoes in the foot of the chalk cliffs.

In the 1940s, the British Army excavated three tunnels through the three cliffs of Rosh Hanikra and built railway bridges linking the tunnels and the Haifa-Beirut railway passed through the cliffs.  During the War of Independence, the bridges were blown up by Jewish Resistance Fighters.  The first southern tunnel and half of the second middle tunnel are in Israeli territory and the rest is on the Lebanese side.  

A steep cable car line connects the grottoes with the top of the cliff (the upper station is near the Israel-Lebanon border crossing).  Before going down to the grottoes, you can venture to the second railway tunnel and view a film about the history and geology of Rosh Hanikra.  

At sunset, the unusual colors and sound of the sea make the grottoes especially impressive.

Nahariya is Israel's northernmost coastal city and a popular tourist destination.

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