Michigan iTrek 2016


70 MBA students from the Michigan University arrived to Israel for their annual spring break tour , for 9 enchanting days of getting familiar with the different regions, different cultures, nightlife , and main cities of the country .  


They learned that :

  1. The highest proportion of starts ups is in Israel with 3000 high tech companies, which is the largest concentration in the world outside of silicon valley

  2. One of the oldest cities in the world – Jerusalem -  is located here  and Jerusalem is also the 1st in the world to be covered by WiFi .

  3. Israel has 273 km of Beaches (the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee – the lowest sweet water lake in the world ).

  4. Israel is one of the 8 countries that have sent a satellite into space .

  5. Israel has the busiest bird migration route in the world , a billion birds pass through here every year .

  6. According to Travelers Digest , TLV is in the top 10 for cities with the most beautiful women and YES also the top 10 when it comes to men.

  7. In Israel we have invented the : Chat technology (Messenger, whatsApp) , the world’s 1st anti-virus, Traffic accidents prevention technology , a social network that allows you to steer clear of traffic jams , the pill camera, and the USB stick !


But most of all , the students acquire all this information while partaking in vivid and dynamic activities; driving to the North of the country for kayaking , jeeps ride near the borders , ATV’s driving in the North forests and an amazing Golan Heights view of Mount Bental overlooking the Lebanon and Syria .

They tasted the emerging market of the Golan Heights wines , herbs and Galilee delights , continued to the Dead Sea for some mud baths and salt water treatments, meditated at Massada during an amazing sunrise.

They walked the Bedouin paths in the deserts, have seen Jerusalem with all its glory and entered the secret Western Wall tunnels where wings of history touched their faces .

They enjoyed the vibrant markets of Jerusalem and tasted delights which  you can taste only in Jerusalem .

And - they did not miss the yacht sailing along the beaches of the Mediterranean seeing the country from the West .


216 hours of unforgettable  experiences!

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