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Eat Your Way through Israel

Israel might be a small country, with a population of only around 9 million, but it is a country of immigrants who came with their native dishes and spices, and together, create an amazing melting pot of flavors and foods to try. In the past years, Israel has become a real contender in the global gastronomy world.

While Israel might not have an official national food, when most people think of Israeli food, they automatically think of Falafel.

Credit: Israel Photo Gallery

No falafel shop makes theirs the same way, and if you wanted to, you could spend your whole vacation travelling up and down the country trying the different kinds. You also don’t want to forget to try the hummus, which can vary extensively by restaurant and is a perfect accompaniment to your falafel or as a stand-alone dish, just dig in with a fork or a pita.

For the carnivores out there, Shawarma shops and grills are almost as prevalent, and you can smell the gorgeous aromas from blocks away.

Credit: Israel Photo Gallery

For the traveler looking for some more diversity in their cuisine, the beauty of Israel provides the perfect backdrop to a delectable culinary experience. Whether you want to dine in the finest restaurants, eat “authentic” Israeli food, learn how to cook your favorite foods or walk through all the food markets and see all of the fresh produce Israel has to offer, your taste buds will thank you at the end of the trip, even if your waist-line doesn’t!

Driving through Israel, you see large vineyards, which provide the grapes for many of the world-class wineries throughout the country. Most of the wineries provide beautiful views to enjoy while tasting their wines, and provide amazing meals in their restaurant that everyone can enjoy. If you prefer beer to wine, Israel also boasts a number of boutique beer breweries which can add another aspect and flavor to your vacation. You can taste most of them in many of the pubs and bars throughout the country, so you can also just ask your waiter if they have one.

While eating and drinking your way through Israel, don’t forget to enjoy the sights and attractions throughout. Eshet Incoming can organize your entire trip, and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the exciting things you want to see and do.

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