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History Comes Alive

Northern Israel is an area steeped in beauty, and with that, boasts a history that dates back thousands of years. Everywhere you look, you can just feel the history that surrounds you.

Credit: Israel Photo Gallery

Amidst the green forest the mountains and the ruins is a wonderland of things to see and experience. The more adventurous types out there can set their vacation to be geared around extreme and exciting sports. You can be skiing one day on Mt. Hermon and be rafting down the Jordan river the next day, climbing through the Black Canyon or even sky diving or paragliding with the birds.

Of course, if you prefer keeping your feet closer to the ground, hiking, biking, kayaking, horseback riding and so much more can all be arranged and suited to the needs of your group.

This week we welcomed a large group from Virginia who got to enjoy the more “mature” side of the North. Visiting the Golan Heights Winery for a guided tour of the vineyards was a great way to build up their appetite for a delicious meal served in their beautiful wine cellar.

The group from Virginia got to enjoy the scenery and gorgeous weather (which is pretty much a given in Israel) with a daytime cruise on Lake Kinneret, and stopping at Kibbutz Ginosar for a great party which left smiles on everyone’s faces. After a good night’s sleep, a tour through Beit Shean, one of Israel’s oldest cities, and one mentioned often throughout the bible, was the perfect way to see and imagine what it was like back in the time of King Saul, the Romans and the Crusaders who had a large presence in the area.

There is no limit to the types of different holidays and excursion you can have in Northern Israel. Whether you are a family with children looking for outdoor family fun to adventure through the grottos at Rosh Hanikra, or you want to follow the Templars through their underground tunnels, boring is not a word that you can ever use to describe Israel.

Let Eshet Incoming organize the perfect trip for your needs, families, faith groups, company trips, bar/bat mitzvah tours can all choose what they want to do and let Eshet Incoming do all the hard work so that your holiday is the best possible. Contact us today.

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