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Travel Throughout Israel

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Join us weekly as we unravel the magic that is Israel

In the grand scheme of things, the tiny country of Israel is just that, tiny; you can drive from North to South in just about 6 hours and never have to stop. But what the country lacks in size, it more than makes up for in beauty, history and culture.

This tiny country in the Middle East is located on the northern shore of the Red Sea and the

south eastern shore of the Mediterranean and boasts diverse scenery and geography. Bordered by Lebanon, Syria and Jordan on the North and East, Egypt to the south and Gaza and the Palestinian territories to the East and West, Israel has very diverse features and make up.

The north of Israel, with its natural beauty and historic significance is mountainous and green and includes the Sea of Galilee, the lowest freshwater lake on earth. While on the opposite end, in the South, you can float in the Dead Sea at the lowest point on earth, 430.5 meters (1412 feet) below sea level.

The people in Israel are as diverse as its geography and supply the perfect ingredients for this travelling haven. The official languages of Israel are Hebrew, Arabic and English, but with its many visitors and immigrants to the country you will often hear different languages including Russian, French, Italian Spanish and many more.

Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and the spiritual center of the country with Jews, Muslims and Christians all living in this holy city. The old city, with its historical importance, the western wall and the Al-Aqsa Mosque all reside next to each other and provide the backdrop to this ancient city.

Old City Jerusalem [credit: Walkerssk from Pixabay ]

Tel Aviv on the other hand, is the second largest city and is even more diverse. A literal melting pot of cultures and ethnicities and is a city that never sleeps. You can find museums and theatres, beaches and parks and an amazing culinary display that rivals any country. It is considered like the New York of the Middle East and truly lives up to that title. During the day it is a technological hub and business center, while at night, the city comes alive with restaurants and bars open late into the night.

Tel Aviv Beaches [credit: Avner Nagar from Pixabay]

The best part of travelling in Israel is its size and all of the opportunities you have as a result. You can be skiing in the mountains up North in the morning, and enjoying a dinner on the beach at night in the south. There is so much to see and do in Israel, and so many things to immerse yourself in. Religion, culture, history all come to life and mesh to provide the perfect travelling destination. The small country has a lot to offer and can’t be covered in just one read, so stay tuned for our weekly posts.

Next week, travel up North with us.

Old City Akko [credit: Ri Butov from Pixabay ]

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