Participants: 50
Occurrence: March 2015
Duration: 8 Nights
Location: 4 nights in Tel Aviv and 1 Golan Heights , 2 Jerusalem 1 Negev.

UCLA Anderson school of management (MBA), chose Israel for their Annual Incentive tour for the students spring break.
The RFP was to show the destination in a relaxed easy going way; and also combining few meeting with local Israeli high-tech companies shoeing them how great ideas can be developed to reality.

The group have fun but also visted historical and religious sites; and also had time for shopping, which the American love. The group greatly enjoyed their stay.

The group was in Israel for 8 nights and was full of activities:

  • Self cycling down the Tel Aviv Promenade along the Mediterranean seashore.

  • ATV at the Golan Heights

  • Wine testing at fine wineries in the Upper Galilee

  • Visit of the Old City of Jerusalem including the Western Wall and the Via Dolorosa.

  • Special Massage treatments at the Dead Sea – the lowest spot on earth.

  • Visiting Ramat David – one of the largest air force army base in the North, meeting with soldiers and seeing aircrafts

  • Fine dining in leading chef restaurants in Jerusalem & Tel-Aviv

  • Trekking Masada during sunrise and exploring this unique site at most beautiful hours of the day

  • Exploring Bedouin traditions including Bedouin hospitality , Hafla dinner and Camels ride


UCLA Anderson (MBA)